The best King of Fighters game in 3D! A must for KOF fans.

User Rating: 10 | King of Fighters: Maximum Impact 2 PS2
I have waited for a year to play this game and it was worth the wait. Back in September 2005, i saw screenshots and trailers of this game on gaming websites and i was pretty exicted. I was very happy about the return of Alba and the original cast from Maximum Impact, along with new characters such as Billy Kane and Kula. I have been checking for new updates about this game and the more i learned new information about this game, the more i wanted to get it. I was so glad that we would be able to get this game in North America. I had waited since 2005 to get this game in August 23rd, but it did not come. I waited again for September 4th and it still did not come. However, On September 19th 2006, I FINALLY GOT THIS GAME AND IT IS BY FAR BETTER THAN KOF: MAXIMUM IMPACT. I know that a lot of people had complained about this game, but SNK has fixed the problems and it is a very good game. Graphics: The graphics have been improved and the characters never look so outstanding.

Gameplay: The characters have their original moves old and new, which makes this game a whole lot of fun to play with.

Sound: The music is good and the voice option was a very good idea. Some people like it in english, some like it in Japanese.

This game is now exactly why i love the new 3D series of King of Fightrers. It has more characters than the original (some of them are my favourites), it is in english again with a japanese language, each character has his/her own individual ending and they have more bonus games. If you love the Maximum Impact series, then you WILL LOVE THIS GAME. I AM VERY SERIOUS, THIS GAME IS REALLY A LOT OF FUN. Those who don't like it are close-mimded fools.