Play as the Hulk OR Bruce Banner, if the challenge seems entertaining.

User Rating: 9 | The Incredible Hulk SNES

You would THINK that with a reputation as ferocious as Bruce Banner's is, that he would have MORE enjoyable video games! At least he's good enough in this game for me to write a review on THIS website. There are actually TWO ways to play this game; either as Bruce Banner OR the Incredible Hulk. Bruce can't do much except SHOOT a gun when he's armed with one, although Bruce CAN crouch, crawl, and access places that his Hulk form can't. Of course, the Hulk is much more USEFUL in fighting situations, which there are a LOT of! But Bruce needs to get ANGRY before he can transform! The Hulk also gets to fight iconic enemies, such as The Rhino, and The Abomination! Unfortunately, this game DOES have a short-coming; the final boss! All it takes is ONE upper-cut in order to finish him OFF! Granted, there are three levels of difficulty which helps extend the re-play value of this game, but only by beating the HARDEST level of difficulty can the REAL, TRUE ending be seen! Like "Metal Gear," the core strength of this game isn't the amount of challenge WAITING at the end, it's the amount of challenge that it TAKES to get to the end! Always good for a weekend rental if nothing else.