A Damonkey Game Review Review the Hulk Game with green Anger or Smash Trash Can around.

User Rating: 6.5 | The Incredible Hulk SNES
This is Damonkeyattack With another Game Review for the game : The Incredible Hulk. When i play this game i thought it was gonna be nothing around the Comic Green Man but i was wrong. the game is Actually a Fun game. If you play for a couple of min you get to learn how to use the control on this game and beat some Bad Guy Butt .

The Control Is Very Easy In the game. as you always he does, Punch Kick and Duck like other game out there the basic game system for the game. The Graphic Is Actually Not bad as you play it i mean they made the green Men as he is just like the comic and the Classic Show with Lou Ferrigno, Yeah you Don't want him to Be Angry and Turn green.

The Music in the game OK, It Kinda Remind me Of like Rap Music people use in the old game but around this story Line and Game Play. This game is very Not bad Until you Lose your Hulk and become a human with No Dang weapon which make it unfair in the game. The only thing hard is the Boss of the game which make him hard to beat as always. If you like hulk and the game you can play this game if you want. Its a Not bad game so i give it a good Rating Because of me playing it. Thanks for reading my review .