Alas, it's still not the great Marvel game everyone wants, but it's still pretty fun.

User Rating: 6.2 | The Incredible Hulk SNES
Incredible Hulk for the SNES is what'd you expect from pretty much any Marvel SNES game. You are the hero of the popular comic series, and you must defeat the bad guys.

The game starts off with a cool Maximum Carnage-like moving comic strip. You see the Hulk get green, and then your off to beat things up. The gameplay is very simple, your only real attack is punch. If you press the punch button close to the villians, you'll give 'em a headbutt. If you press the punch button while ducking, you'll get those guys with an uppercut! But the later two are pretty much useless, and you'll find yourself simply punching guys in the face untill they explode. That fact is probably my favorite part of the game. Every time you finish off these mindless robots, thier bodies explode and their limbs go flying across the screen. That is the definition of cool. The graphics don't paint a pretty picture on your TV screen. That's not to say their horrible, but the backgrounds aren't detailed at all, and the level design is pretty shotty. The sound in Incredible Hulk is weak, consisting of the same music played in a loop over and over again. You'll tire of it quickly. Their are also some grunts from the Hulk everytime he gets hurt, but these are pretty lame as well. In the whole scheme of things, Incredible Hulk is a mediocre sidescroller that's saving grace is exploding limbs. If your a super hero nut, you'll probably have fun bashing familiar villans faces in, but otherwise, you might as well stay away from this one.