HULK SMASH! Just not in this game.

User Rating: 6.5 | The Incredible Hulk SNES
Easily one of the games i remember from my childhood. And what i remember from it is always wanting it and never finding it in stores. I ended up renting it once, as a kid and loved it, but then the movie store closed down so never could rent it again.

Well i bought this game the other day after seeing this in a bargain bin of a store closing down. Lets see, ill admit the graphics for its day were well, it was going for like a 3d realistic look even though it was a side scroller.

And as much as i loved it as a kid, i cant recomend this game to anyone. Its mainly just hulk jumping and a punch button. Thats it, like they got a generic game and just put a HULK character and that was it.

Nothing original or fancy with regard to HUlk attacks or anything. I know this is an old game, and play it if you want, but its not all that great.

Best HULK game is still Radicals, HULK ULTIMATE DESTRUCTION for the ps2 and xbox.