This is arguably the best Superhero game Marvel have made so far.

User Rating: 10 | The Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction PS2
The game is a very great game and plausible graphics and the game has a huge array of moves.But their is a down side,the human faces they look like puppets but that is forgiven by great cut scenes and music.The speech is great too and the missions are quite long and challenging so its hard not to have fun with this game but the missions are normally frustrating and hard especially the ones with time because the time they give you is normally about 2 minutes and the protect an object ones are hard still because the enemies are attacking you so hard so i recommend you to just run until you get to a jump pad.The freedom is brilliant because you don't have to do missions all the time you can go kill people or something to boost your satisfaction.The game is alright except for the fact that the cars you blow up don't have an explosion and the array of enemies isn't great.So this game would be a great addition to any hulk fans shelf.9/10 from me.