This time around, the Hulk really is Incredible.

User Rating: 9 | The Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction PS2
The time and effort put into making Ultimate Destruction must have reached an absolute high in order to pull off a game as excellent as this. This game offers pretty much everything you could possible wish for in an Incredible Hulk game, especially one key thing: destruction.

The ability to mercilessly tear through massive environments and destroy everything and everyone in your path makes Ultimate Destruction addictive and thrilling. The plot is clever and well-developed, and it moves along as you complete each mission. The combat is amazing, filled with dozens of new devastating combos and attacks that will leave your enemies smashed to pieces. The ability to weaponize large vehicles into tools of destruction is an awesome new feature that makes fighting your enemies a whole lot of fun. There is tons of nonstop violence, shooting, missiles, and explosions all around the rampaging Hulk, controlled only by you. Who could turn down all that wonderful opportunity? The only thing that can be improved upon is the mission variety. There are bit too many retrieval and defense missions, considerably lowering the overall level of creativity. The boss fights, however, and absolutely incredible. Taking down giant robot mechs and other gamma-infected mutants more powerful than you are awesome experiences that leave you feeling powerful and dominant.

The graphics are altogether pretty good, but sometimes an object will disappear when you throw or roll it into the distance, and the puny humans that scurry about on the ground lack detail. The sound is relatively stable, but lots of times a sound effect will miss its proper execution time, whether it's the sound of the Hulk charging across the ground or scaling a building, two objects crashing into each other, or an explosion. In addition, I've experienced a glitch while free-roaming where the tiny little people running around in the streets are completely silent, and so is the Hulk as he navigates the area. Nonetheless, the silence in this game leaves you with a slightly empty feeling.

The Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction delivers a lot, and is fun to play through multiple times. Even after you have beaten the story mode, free-roaming around the city or the badlands and just rampaging through the environments causing widespread destruction never gets old. I highly recommend buying this game if you're aching for some action.

Score: 8.8
Grade: A
Preference: Superb