Awesome Hulk game and great free roam superhero experience!!!

User Rating: 9 | The Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction GC
The Incredible Hulk ultimate Destruction is one of the best superhero games that I have ever played and a non stop action packed free roam game.There are tons of destructible environments and plenty of objects,
vehicles,military machines and people to throw around and destroy!The action is constant and fast.The hulk's strength,power and attacks are super damaging.This game gives you a true sense of what it's like to be the big green mean machine.This type of free roam superhero game is awesomely
fun to play and its one of my favorite games of all time.Superman Returns,
Spiderman 2 and this game are my favorite games.I rented this game today and I'm definitely going to buy it and ad it to my superhero games collection.
The graphics in this game are solid and the citizens react properly to the presence of the Hulk.I loved to run around and destroy everything in my path while rampaging through the city streets.Being able to pick up buses and throw them at vehicles and people like they were a light box of tissues certainly shows the amazing strength and power of the Hulk!Picking up police cars and police officers and throw them into the ocean is absolutely
hillarious and a riot.
The gameplay is tremendous, as I have already said and the makers of this action game have got a great hulk game down pat.
The sound in this game is superb and the action noises are great.
The value of this game is endless and really good,as the replayabiltiy of
this game is overwhelming.This game will keep me coming back for more
non stop hulk action and fun.
The controls in this game were smooth and very sharp.This allowed you to control the Hulk perfectly and gave you a true experience of being one of the Marvel Comics greatest superheroes!