The best HULK game to come out on any console! A definite own for any HULK fan.

User Rating: 9 | The Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction XBOX
Opinion - I've played every single hulk game that was ever produced. I guess you can say I'm a hulk fanatic. Anyway, this is the only one that gets it right with the comic book series. I guess some of the other games were produced alongside a movie release. With that type of pressure to make a game under time resistrants most of those games belong in a trash been. See my other review of the latest Hulk game that came out in 2008 - The incredible hulk. I'm writing this review first because this game was what the 2008 version tried to mimic.

Positive - All the fighting moves from the comic book is here and can be unlock! An open city where you can create mayhem, destroy, and smash. My favorite is grabbing a civilian, taking them to the top of a building, releasing them, and then watching them escape and fall off the building. If you time it perfectly you can fall down with them as the hulk, listening to them scream all the way down to the bottom ... sorry got distracted. The critical moves are awesome and all aspects of the fighting masterfully done.

Negative - Can't think of much other than wishing there were other supervillians or heroes to fight from the marvel universe. This would've made the game even greater.

Overall - I gave this game an A (9.0). Its a benchmark in the series where other versions tried desperately to repeat. It just proves that without the pressure to develop a game along side a movie release good work can be done!