on of the best "comic"-games

User Rating: 9.5 | The Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction XBOX
Story: Its a 0815 Story of Bruce Banner, whos trying to get the Hulk "out" of him... but the story is not so important .. but gameplay is..

Gameplay: The gameplay is (most of the time) great. Its great fun to throw cars into buildings, kicking people down the streets or making wrestling moves with giant mechs... and nearly use everything as a weapon.

Graphics: The Graphic is OK .. actually pretty good for an Xbox game. But you cant compre it to games from the current generation (of course not).

Controll: Its pretty good. Just the camera isnt sooo perfect, but its ok. Moves come easy and its easy to fight many enemies at the same time.


Its a great game for comic-lovers or guys which like to destory many many things ... and its a pretty good if you are pissed of by many things ;)