Tear apart anything in your way

User Rating: 9.5 | The Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction GC
First of all I just wanna say that no matter were you are in the game it's still fun to tear random stuff apart!Now when your playing a game were you control a powerhouse like the Hulk you wanna really feel like you are the Hulk doing all these crazy things and this game does that.The controls are great and it's fun to jump from building to building and to play baseball with a lamp post and cop.It's great fun to weaponize a vehicle into a pair of boxing gloves and then to go boxing with some robots.The graphics are great and entertaining,the same goes for the audio.Only thing I don't like is how short the story mode is and that while the boss battles are epic they can also be frustratingly hard.Over all if you love chaos,comics,the Hulk,or smashing stuff you have to check out this game!