Incredible, absolutely amazing, this is definitely the best comic book/superhero based game out there thats for sure :D.

User Rating: 10 | The Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction PS2
Theres nothin more that I can say about this game besides that its absolutely amazing, it takes a little time to get the game running so you can free roam and stuff but I mean once you reach that level, its fun throughout. I havent played much, maybe only 2 hours or so but I couldnt stop playing and this is my first break to write this review. Almost every building is destructable, you can use basically anything as a weapon and the unlockable moves are just great. The missions can get difficult at times but it only makes the game funner. The graphics are very impressive as the buildings have nice glares on the windows and the explosions and marks in the cement are done very well, and the Hulk looks very well done also. The sound is spectacular, you can hear everything from car alarms, his footsteps, his screaming, pedestrians screaming etc. Im gonna wrap this up very quickly, buy or rent this game, it doesnt matter what you do because this game is worth all the money you put into it, enjoy the game and I hope you have fun smashing..EVERYTHING!!