User Rating: 9.7 | The Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction PS2
ok..that is 1 goood game..i just tried it now..i was plannin to try it for like 5 minutes or something cauze i am so busy at the moment..but when i played the game...i hardly left it after hour n a half..the game is just amazing, at last a good superhero game that rlly satisfies me, i am so happy i got the game ok let's c 1)ok...gameplay is unbelievable..it is sooooo goood..i could just make millions of moves...it is funnier in rooftops than even spiderman and the ability 2 destroy evry thing u c in ur way is amazing , radical did it vry welllllll, well done 2)graphix.....it might not be the best ever, but it rlly fits as a superhero game..lil cartoonish but gr8, the way i rlllly like, the movies n cut scenes are vry vry good, n the movement at the rooftops is amazing 3)sound....ok that's the worst thing in the game...but that doesn't mean it's bad..it's vry good, but less better than the other thingz 4)value...oh destroyin carz n playin around the city would be enough to give the value a 10 score ok overall, radical entertainmet succeeded in makin the first real good superhero game in every aspect, go get the game