Awsome in Everyway!

User Rating: 9.6 | The Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction XBOX
This game is just a amazing, it's incredible how good it is, you can spend hours and Hours Playing it without notice ! First ove, in the game you play as The Hulk, the Incarnation of Dr.Banner evil side! The Firts goal of Dr.Banner is to create a machine capable to Let him go Fight in is Own mind the monster who is Trying to take over him, a even more Evil Incarnation then the Hulk is! But by the time you do mission throught the game, you get another goal, stop the Abomination! Ok! Now the Best point of the game, its is Freedom, you can mostly destroy everything, and you can "weaponize" almost any object in the game!There is One thing that you might found disapointing, most people say that "Every Building can be take down" but it isn't true, only one type of Building can (In the City map, in the other one i didnt search that much to found one), i will let you discover it! you will also found yourself destroy building in mission but that doesn't count, cause those mission are not considered total Freedom! Point #2, The Attack of the Hulk, those which you will earn throught the game, you can Combine them to make Some Freakingly amazing combo! From Air PowerBomb to 15-fast punch by Going throught the Area Attack! here One of my favorite if you actualy want to try it (You must have few of the lastest attack in the game to do it,and can only be done on Hulk size mech) : X, Y (Max),(Air Combo) X(Max),X(Max),X(Max),X(Max),B(air Grap),Y(Max in air(Dont release it, i dont know why but if you do, the hulk might stop in the middle of the move)), (WHen the move finish) Aim an Enemy and throw the Mech at him! Tada... OK, NOW, the weaponization, this was an awsome feature for the game, you will found some crazy stuff in there, from Jumping on an Helicopter to Finaly kick it on another one to make a double kill ,to Throwing a tank by is Canon on another tank or another enemy.....Its just crasy! oh, and you can SKateboarding Bus O_O The mission of the game arent that bad but might be frustating at time.But you will want to do them anyway, just and only to be able to Fight the boss, which is just Incredible! And dont say that they are Over-Powered, they all have theyr weakness and all can be beated in a easy way, just find it, and use that weakness againts him! Else then from it's graphic that game really IS a MASTER PIECE