this game is badass

User Rating: 8.5 | The Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction XBOX
The Hulk returns with a new game that is really good. And this time he doesn't have a sh_ty movie.Tha game has better graphics and gameplay trust me...
Tha story is ur hiding and ur working on an experiment that can keep u human. That ain't all some guy by tha name of Emil Blonsky teams up with General Ross 2 once again try 2 kill tha Hulk. And Bruce is almost donw until a bunch of soldiers r given orders 2 blow up his house. Then u turn in2 Hulk and smash.Then after that u go 2 a friends house his name is Doc Samson. He trys 2 help u. And he also has his own mission briefing. And Emil touches Bruce's experiment turing him in2 Abomination. And he becomes 1 mean motherf_cker. I don't wanna give away 2 i'm a just jump in2 tha gameplay.
Tha gameplay is what u can ask 4. U literally feel like ur tha Hulk. And it fun smashing things. U even have 2 maps where u can free-roam. And u can do what u want. But u have a thingi that lets u know ur heat lvl. If it is full an Elite sqaud comes 2 stop u. Depending how far u get in2 tha game depends who those r. Like at first i think u get a helicopter, but then u have big-ass robots trying 2 stop u. And it does get pretty intense. And sometimes ur gonna get ur ass handed 2 u. Ur regular mission objectives r usally picking up parts or defending places. Tha boss battles r tough. And they will put up 1 hell of a fight.
But at tha end of day u'll want more things 2 smash.