The Ultimate GTA-style game you got to have this best damn game ever made for a console!

User Rating: 9.5 | The Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction XBOX
This game blows my MIND!! The Graphics, The Weapons in your command, Controls are the Awesomeness! They finally made one of the best games ever made i mean the best Hulk game ever made in the entire planet! This isn't just boring and completely useless. IT'S FUN!! But sometimes it's gets pretty glitch up though.And Bosses are awesome, Enemies are annoying at times, but there great and easy. There's also Comic Book Locations you could find. They might be hard to find but you can go on videos you could find and it will help, it's simple. And this is the most destructible game their ever was! If you like Prototype, You will Blow you whole mind to The Incredible Hulk Ultimate Destruction Of Great Graphics, Great Bosses, Great EVERYTHING! I mean if you love Conker's Bad Fur Day and Grand Theft Auto III, You will love this! Oh and by the way, This game is short. It has 27 missions, so that's pretty weird but a really fun game.