This game captures the physics and bestiality of the hulk like no other.

User Rating: 9.1 | The Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction GC
A few hulk games have come out over the years, but this is the first free-roaming, crappy stealth sections-free one. Hulk has so much power to start off that at the beginning its a nice smooth ride getting you used to the controls, but by the time you're used to them, before you know it you're battling 100 ft tall robots. The gameplay works very well, with good camera angles even when you lock on to someone. The graphics are good for Gamecube (I can't say for the other systems because I haven't played them), with pretty explosions and awesome shattered pavement wherever you land from a jump. The sound is really very good too, from the mechanical sounds when you're getting chased down by robots, to the roars of Hulk as he bounds across the expansive environments. The game has great replay value as well, with tons of hidden tokens and costumes (some even with new voice-overs), and the ability to replay story mode with all of the awesome unlocks you've earned over the course of the game. I highly recommend this game to every sandbox fan out there.