Free-roaming is better than the missions.

User Rating: 9 | The Incredible Hulk X360
Once you master the moves, especially how to fly thru the air then u-turn & smash groups of those flying soldier-bots, it's fun.

Graphics are great with an HDMI cable.

Missions where you have to protect Rick from getting hurt or keep a building from being destroyed are the most annoying.

A few quirks - go to the sunken outdoor ice-skating rink with the gold statue in Rockefeller Center & stand in the NW corner; none of the enemies can touch you, not even the Hulkbuster & your threat level goes all the way back down to zero. Also, if you just run in a circle none of the enemies can target you & your threat level drops back down.

Bi-Beast comes up in free-roaming if you stay in the Ceres Sector long enough, and the up-graded Kyklops appears the same way if you stay in the Vulcan Sector long enough.