Uh it makes me wanna barf!!!! :-(

User Rating: 1 | The Incredible Hulk WII
With the hulks crappy design, graphics, and repetetive gameplay(enemies) this game deserves a lot lower than what it got. I mean to say that the best part about the hulk is going around the city and demolishing buildings. There is so much potential in the idea of this game but the way this idea was presented was completeley bad...ugh! I mean the game itself was a good idea but it just didn't turn out as I hoped. Going around the city protecting this dude from onslaught after onslaught of giant robot thingies that don't go away even after you throw them off the top of the empire state building gets pretty boring after the fist five missions. They story was confusing and hard to follow. And the proffesional voice acting was very bad. They bruce dude sounded very monotonish and highly deppressed. You couldn't tell what he was saying half the time. All in all this game is not worth buying.