What you can expect from a movie game.

User Rating: 4 | The Incredible Hulk X360
Since the release of The Hulk: Ultimate Destruction superheroes games have been held in a higher esteem than most movie based games. Ive always failed to understand the nature of movie based games, I mean some I like but most are just not good at all. The Incredible Hulk sadly is one that is just bad. The lame plot revolves around 4 power ranger looking guys control some kind of race and its up too Hulk and Rick Jones to save New York. I wasnt really paying much attention to the narrative because its bland. The missions are just the most repetitive style of missions Ive seen since assasins creed(that one was better though). The mission are pretty much Get to this spot and defend your friend, and smash the building. Smashing stuff is suprisingly pretty fun though despite the crappy effects and various glitches and frame rate problems. I shoudlnt keep writing because if youre reading this you already understand what I am trying to say, so I will end it with one final sentence regarding the game. So while strolling around New york I reached the famous landmark known as Central Park, now while jumping I accidently fell in the water, of course Hulk wont swim he just jumps out of the water, Im okay with that but once I reached the ground the hulk did the same movement! This happened to me EVERY SINGLE TIME I went in any body of water ITS RIDICULOUS!!!!