A great hulk videogame. I think the fights with the villains from the comicbooks are cool,and going anywhere in NYC.

User Rating: 9 | The Incredible Hulk PS2
This is an excellent hulk videogame. The fights with the villains from the comicbooks are entertaining as well. Fighting villains like the U-Foes,The Bi-Beast,General Talbot in hulk armor,and the Enclave is cool. I like how you can unlock very cool alternate costumes such as classic hulk aka savage hulk,the grey hulk,the abomination,the professor hulk,and exclusive hulk costumes like green scar hulk,joe fixit hulk,and the red hulk in the ps3 and xbox 360 versions of this game.

I enjoy smashing tanks,beating up civilians,and defeating the u-foes when they show up. There are only 3 flaws in this game to me,and 1 is that the graphics on the ps2 version during gameplay are horrible,you can destroy a tree or car just by jumping on it so easily it's not even funny,and there's not enough super villains.

I mean spiderman 3 the videogame had the lizard,kraven,morbius,shriek,venom,new goblin,sandman,carlyle the mad bomber,and even mega lizard in it. Spiderman 2 the videogame had the black cat,mysterio,the rhino,the shocker,and doc ock in it. I mean why can't they use the leader,they used him in the 1st hulk videogame based off the 1st hulk movie,and the game was as bad as the movie.

Anyways I recommend buying this game,if you enjoy countless missions and destroying lots of stuff,and also defeating villains not seen in the movie the game is based off of.

If you like iron man the videogame(movie videogame),spiderman 2 the movie videogame,and spiderman 3 the movie videogame then you'll enjoy playing this videogame.

Though I recommend buying this and the incredible hulk ultimate destruction,because even though this game is entertaining and fun to certain people,the vast majority of gamers prefer the incredible hulk ultimate destruction.