Hulk might be mad, but you'll be enraged, infuriated and just plain ****** up if you ever play this disaster.

User Rating: 1.5 | The Incredible Hulk WII
Hulk's previous game, Ultimate Destruction, was an instant hit for all three major game systems. This game, completely ruins the Hulk's videogame series for life.

Where to begin...
Wii version is the worst, and the other systems are not much different except for graphics. You have basic attacks, punches, kicks and bodyslams, that's it. Enemies are easier to beat and the bosses are the only challenge, but they are still easy. Wii version is too foggy and is almost always at day time, even if the story says you are fighting Abomination at midnight. Also, some movie spoilers too. Destroying buildings sound fun? Well, it sucks in this game.

DON'T BUY THIS GAME, not even for your life. Hulk fans, videogame fans, Marvel fans, you will hate this waste of money.

Hulk likes to smash, but I would like to kill the developers of this game. Is Sega messing up again, or has Marvel lost their touch. It must be both...