Great fun, everything is destructable. You'll only dislike this game if you are an addict on details.

User Rating: 7 | The Incredible Hulk PC
You get to fight the army, Blonsky and some enemies like Abomination.

The game gives you the liberty of wonder around the city, climb buildings, destroy buildings, cars.

You can make a weapon out of everything: peasants, cars, trees, electricity posts, you name it.

Hulk also has rage attacks that cause great damage.

In this game you'll only control Hulk, not Banner, as in the the previous game.

The game has possibilities, so that you can distract of some campaign missions, like milestones.

You choose if want to play a campaign mission or destroy the city a little more. In the second choice, you get the army after your, like in GTA, when the more damage you inflict on the city, the more cops appear to stop you with bigger weapons.

To sum up, I really liked this game. I don't care about the graphics, but I recognize they could be better.

There are several things that should have been better. For instance, when Hulk destroys a building, its always the same animation: the building simply collapses...I can't explain, you have to see it for yourself to understand.

One of the things I really think is stupid, is the fact that the peasants you punch, grab, and so on, NEVER DIE, no matter how much damage you take on them. They always get up and run away.

Overall, I rate it as a 7.0, because beside these small things the game is fun to play.