Similar to Ultimate Spiderman. At first - great and goes slowly even downer and downer...

User Rating: 6.5 | The Incredible Hulk PS2
Anyone here played any Ultimate Spiderman? Well, hulk is kind of the same. But instead of jumping 100 ft. up and then shooting web out of your hands, you have to press X over and over and over... Probably exactly like Venom.

Well, this game is a test of patience. It becomes even more stupid and stupid over time. After the first 2 hours it seems Great. Probably Marvel fans could finish it off. But a normal human being will play it for a few more than those 2 hours, you'll go completely nuts and start ramming your console and the TV... With a club.

This game kinda needs, or should I say DOESN'T need is the HUGE ammount of problems everywhere - from Hulk himself to the enemies.

But this game also has Some ups. This game can be played for hours 'till you complete it, because of the comic covers, the landscapes, canisters, jumps, etc.

So, in larger trains, everything is told. I think this game is more that they say.