Overall this game can be entertaining if you can ignore all the bad things, but prepare to have your patience tested.

User Rating: 6.5 | The Incredible Hulk PS2
I was a big fan of the Hulk Ultimate destruction game when it came out. Although this new game based on the movie has some interesting new twists it ultimately fails to deliver.


The Feats System - Most super hero sandbox games have you buy moves & extras. The Feats system has you learn them when you have reached certain objectives such as destroying 10 tanks & so on, or after you collect 5 comic books you unlock a new character skin. I truly wish more games had this.

Everything can be destroyed - In ultimate destruction only a select few buildings could be destroyed in this game whole city blocks can be cleared out & during some of the fights later in the game the enemy will do this to get to you. Its pretty cool to have a epic fight then admire the damage afterwards.

The Enclave - Most games have you take a mission to fight bad guys, these guys just randomly attack the city. This makes the city feel much more alive. The enemy changes depending on what part of the city your in & eventually super villains randomly attack you.

The Mini Games - I really just enjoyed most of them. From "The 12 days of destruction" where you have to destroy a set number of tanks, helicopters, etc in a certain amount of time to "The Shopping spree with Betty" where you carry Betty to stores to spend money while the army attacks you.

The Map - Very informative & being able to do any mission you have already completed is a nice bonus.


The story - Confusing & Sporadic. Poorly done.

Voice acting - Edward Norton has delivered some of the worse voice acting
I have ever heard in a video game. My "speak & spell" that I had when I was a kid could have done better.

Cut scenes - Short & again poorly done.

Movement - Ultimate destruction got the whole unstoppable movement down, in this game theres nothing like the hulk getting caught up on a car that should have been simple tossed aside.

Targeting System - Needs work. There is usually a delay just to target one enemy, when there was more then one on the screen you got the added bonus of it targeting a guy who wasn't even near you. Most of the time I just charged in to human sized guys in stead of frustrating myself with the targeting system.

The FREEZES - The game froze up a total of 17 times on me through one play through. The main reason this game almost took me 20 hours is due to the freezes that would happen after 20 mins of game play. Saving Betty was the worst because that mission can take 15 to 20 mins to complete, I had 5 freezes on that one. Its probably due to there being to much info on the screen at once.


Stuff that should have been included in this game that were so good in the Ultimate Destruction.

- Being able to jump onto helicopters & Jets
- The weaponizing system. Such as surfing & throwing missiles.
- The Jump points. They just make more sense then the hulk running into the subway to move around the map.
- Fighting Massive Enemy. In this game you get one way large enemy to attack, in ultimate destruction you had many more plus if your threat level was high enough you got one.

Overall this game can be entertaining if you can ignore all the bad things, but prepare to have your patience tested. High Risk Of Turning Green.