User Rating: 8 | The Incredible Hulk X360
You are on the perfect site for this game. This makes a fantastic rent. Running wild through the streets of new york is fun for awhile. Once you have had your fill of smashing things you can work towards achievements and bonus content. I wouldn't want to pay 60 bucks for this enjoyment so a week with it is enough. Also this is actually a fun movie game. You don't find a lot of those! Alright then.I was a big fan of the previous Hulk installment, Ultimate Destruction. This game takes ultimate destruction at face value.The missions are more challenging, the complete world environment is your playground, it's made to be a full out & on-going bash fest of fun & rage like desire! Controls are easy, graphics are very nice indeed, story is solid .But you gotta love bringing down a building or ripping a mass transit bus in half and using those 2 halfs to destroy things.