The Incredibly average Hulk. I say this because it isn't much different than recent Hulk game.

User Rating: 6 | The Incredible Hulk X360
The Incredibly average Hulk. I say this because this Hulk game isn't much different than the recent hulk game. It does have some pretty good graphics. It has a great storyline but almost exactly the same game-play as Ultimate Destruction. One of my favorite things from the Hulk that was also in the other one is the large group of enemies that attack you when you get your meter up. Something new in The Incredible Hulk is the damage done to buildings. However, just like in the last one, after you beat the game you just freely roam around, which could get boring after a while. There are a few new characters in The Incredible Hulk, but not as many awesome moves in the last one. It disappointed me that in the new Incredible Hulk they took away a certain move where the hulk would smash the top of a bus and endlessly grind on it smashing into everything the got in his path until the bus was finally destroyed. It was one of my favorite moves. Overall, this game was fun, but I wouldn't recommend buying it.