what the... did they think when they made this game?

User Rating: 1 | The Incredible Hulk PC
WTF was sega thinking about when they designed this piece of crap? These graphics are worse than ps2... no! theyre worse than ps1! wait... worse than pac man!

HEEEY SEGA, welcome to 2008, our computers are better than a ps3!
Maybe they think we all have those radeon 7000 or geforce 2... or not! they were lazy enough to make a game that should be one of the funniest games to become a piece of crap...

The gameplay! This game is nothing more nothing less than smashing everything you see. Looks nice, doesnt it? NO! Why? because the graphics sucks. Theres no fun on smashing every single ugly pixel you see.

Why the hell did they made this game? I don't know, maybe we will never know. Just don't buy it. Trust me mate.

well that's it. Tbh i never played this game, but i saw some vids and ffs, this game sucks!

bye, and dont waste your money