Only a word: Terrible !

User Rating: 4.5 | The Incredible Hulk PC
When I saw that a new game of HULK was in production, I vibrated! and the new game of " Hulk " is really incredible! It's incredible to see graphs totally surpassed, that can be found in games of 5 years ago, It is incredible not to have options to improve the video, it is incredible to see a plot completely without logic and repetitive, it 's incredible to see as the game it was done in the hurries, only to leave with the film, and it was totally badly finished, incredible to see a franchise to be played in the garbage. In other words, the new game of the hulk is INCREDIBLY DISPENSABLE!! I hope the next games based on films are well produced and that don't disappoint me more as it is frequently happening: short games, without amusement and repetitive. Excuse for weak English, because I am Brazilian and I am only beginning. Even more!