Mediocre clone from the last gen

User Rating: 5 | The Incredible Hulk PS3
Granted, I'm the kind of person that loves open environment, sandbox type games. Absolutely a fan of them because of what they offer in terms of imagination, creativity, and complete freedom to allow the player to become the character in the game. They definitely had the right idea, but the excecution was far from perfect.

Graphics: Not much to really gawk at. Although the graphics were amped up in this latest installment of Hulk games, textures on buildings and troops were very bland and repetitive. I love the way the Hulk looks, but other than that, it's just another boring day in New York.

Sound: Also generic and repetitive. The explosions and basic sound effects aren't out of the ordinary in addition to the lack of background music. I'm not sure, but it seemed like every so often, background music would pop in and out, based on situations. Or maybe I was just hearing things... either way, it proves that there wasn't anything particularly memorable about it.

Gameplay/controls: Controls were about the same as before, with the exception of how you execute the super moves. Instead of doing the usual button combinations along with a longer hold on the final button, they've moved it to somewhat of a mapped, 4 option choice on the D-pad. This certainly does help when you dont remember how to do certain moves. This was a little more intuitive than that last Hulk game. However, that's where the creative juices stop flowing. I hate that all the moves are learned/upgraded based on acheivement markers. You don't earn points to later purchase at your own discretion. So instead of picking and choosing which moves you want to upgrade, you have to find out what tasks you must accomplish first in order to get what you want. I spent the better half of the game searching for jump points to receive the jump distance upgrade, and unfortunately, i never found all of them, leaving me a slightly handicapped green beast.

Multiplayer: Recently patched, it is glitchy, and simply annoying and painstakingly complicated to play. After every "match", it sends you back out to the title screen to search for new matches and opponents... if you can find them. Not once did I find a game to play, so I was forced to create a game each time, waiting nearly 2 minutes before 1 other player would join in to play for about 2 minutes. Not my idea of fun or efficient gameplay.

All in all, I was rather dissappointed with this game. I had so much fun with the previous Hulk game on the PS2, maybe even so much fun that I set my expectations too high for this game. But shouldn't our expectations for future games be greater and not lower? Rent if you must, but I wouldn't recommend buying unless you've got time or money to waste.