User Rating: 6.5 | The Incredible Hulk X360
One thing I do enjoy in this game is free roaming. The story is the same as the movies. Banner trys to get rid of the Hulk before the US government uses it for their own good. One thing everyone can enjoy is being able to destroy anything that get's in your way, including buildings and landmarks. Most of the time your just trying to destroy all the enemies except for the occasional guard missions. Your faced with infantry, tanks, and robots as your enemy. The action is very fun except for becoming repititive after a while. It's fun to destroy the building and everything but not fun enough to buy. The graphics are suprisingly good (sometimes). This is worth a rent to some but to other you might just want something else. What can I say? It's just another good ol' movie game. Fans of the Hulk will enjoy, others won't.