The Incredible Hulk is a good movie game, but could've been improved in some aspects

User Rating: 7.5 | The Incredible Hulk X360
The movie "The Incredible Hulk" was great, so I thought this would be a good movie-based game after I learned it had a sandbox, open world version of New York to explore, like Spider-Man 3. I was right to an extent, but the game loses itself after a while.
Gameplay--The gameplay in this game is very fun. After beating a brief factory level, you're able to explore an open world version of Manhattan. You can crush anything in your path (buildings, cars, trees, street lamps, people), which is a lot of fun. You can pick up a random man off the street, chuck him into a building, and he still gets up. You can pick up a street lamp and swing it like a baseball bat. Punching the bottom of the Empire State Building around will bring the whole structure down. You can travel the subways, but you can't actually explore them. Pressing the "back" button will bring up a map of the city, where you'll find subways, mission icons, and buildings. Destroying all labeled buildings will give you an easy 50-point achievement. After a while army units will try to kill you. You can't go to the Statue of Liberty or Ellis Island. You can't go inside buildings, either. By pressing the b button you can climb up buildings. You can charge a jump by holding down x and releasing it, which is a good way to travel through the city. The free-roaming gets boring after a while, and so does destorying everything. Combat consists of x and y, like a button-masher. You can throw things at enemies(which are tanks, soldiers, giant robots). The combat does get boring after a while. Missions are usually destory Base A, go to Base B, destroy it, go to Base C, and so on.
Graphics--Where the Incredible Hulk starts to lose it is in graphics. The hulk looks great up close. The buildings and cars look good up close. Explosions look nice and destroyed buildings are fine. The problem with the graphics are popups and bugs. When you're on top of a building, other buildings either look blurry or appear as little more than blue blocks. When sprinting down streets, buildings, cars, and other things pop up out of nowhere. Cut scenes look blurry, and the actors--especially Liv Tyler--look nothing like their real selves. The frame rate is also terrible. Overall, the Incredible Hulk's graphics are a mixed bag.
Story--The story is what really kills Hulk. It's hard to follow the story in the Incredible Hulk. Most of it is told through phones, Bruce Baxter's voice recorder, or poorly made cut scenes. There's a seperate storyline of the Enclaves, people in robotic suits that try to destroy the hulk. The sound in the game is good, though the voice acting is terrible. Baxter's voice doesn't have any enthusiasm and the rest of the cast isn't that well, either.
Gameplay: 8.3/10--exploring/destroying Manhattan is fun and the combat isn't spectacular, since the controls aren't that good, but is pretty good for a movie game.
Graphics: 7.1/10--the hulk looks great, and up close, the graphics are good. There are far too many popups and the frame rate is terrible. Buildings look like blue, blurry boxes from far away.
Story: 5.2/10--it's hard to follow the story in this game, and the voice acting is terrible. Go see the movie for the real story.
Final Thoughts: If the story and graphics were a bit better, my score would be 8.5 and this game would actually be great. There are a few good achievements in this game if you like those. Unless you are a Hulk fan, this game is worth a rent or wait until the price is a bit lower. With a little more effort to this game, "The Incredible Hulk" could've been something truly great.