This game is very underrated. Even the one based on the first film has a better score.

User Rating: 8.5 | The Incredible Hulk PC
This game is very nice. Not only it has something to do with the movie(as most games based on movies haven't) as it's a lot of fun. The game allows the player to travel through NYC and there are a lot of optional missions and mini games, which increase Hulk's abilities. Hulk can use the subway system to travel faster, and he can climb buildings in a King Kong style. There is also a combo which transforms cars into giant gauntlets, like Hulk does with the police car in the duel with Abomination at the end of the movie. They've also mixed the comic universe with reality by putting fictional places like the Baxter Building and the Stark Tower in the city. It is better than the game based on the 2003 film, as it offers more space, more moves and attacks and, consequentially, more fun. And the actors themselves have voiced the characters, I guess.