hulk ... disappointment?

User Rating: 4.5 | The Incredible Hulk PS3
the new game "the incredible hulk" was a HUGE let down for me
would of been good for the ps2 era but not for the ps3
way to many graphic faults e.g
*the landscape sight barely goes a couple of yards in-front of you
*bland "big areas" such as central park massive area nothing to do..
*at one point i walked through a building and found myself stuck and had to reset the game -.-
basic game for kids but i think even they will get bored... give it 2 weeks
i bought the game three days later i found myself getting my 40 pounds back
how ever there are "high lights" to this game as well such as unlockable characters including
classic hulk
gray hulk
the professor
iron clad
green scar (ps3 version only)
red hulk (xbox version only
and also a few others however these characters are all the same size and do nothing special
also , some of the combat feels good to land like a heavy punch into a
hulkbuster feels awesome
levels range extremely far from the film and trying to find the latest mission can be quite frustrating as your old ones are displayed on the map too
levels are extremely repetitive as like three different mission types
overall i was saddened deeply by this game it almost feels like a third prize
which no one wants
hope i helped

Ryan sloan