First Iron Man , now another let down The Incredible Hulk, witch is not so Incredible at all.

User Rating: 1 | The Incredible Hulk PC
I don't know what happened with Sega, but the last games so far for PC are a total waste of time and money. From the start do not , I repeat DO NOT buy this game it's total waste of your money.

First of all this game like Iron Man is the same like the one on PS 2 and PSP i think so that means very bad graphics for a 2008 game, Hulk looks like it has been done with a pencil, and the rest of the environment looks like a game from 2000, even those I think look better.

Now let's have a look at the gameplay, it's very easy to master I say in the first half an hour, and it's repetitive after the very first mission. You have to smash all in your way, sure that sounds fun, but eventually you will get bored. They've added some movies beteween the levels, witch sadly have the same effect as those in Iron Man, you don't have any idea what is happening.

All that you will get from this game is at least 1 or 2 hours of smashing stuff and after that you will get bored and throw it away. It's a shame that Sega it's throwing away good games like this one, they could have done more work on it, the game doesn't has the option to change the resolution in game for crying out loud !!! Sega we are in 2008, wake up and see what the others are doing....