Much Better Than Advertised

User Rating: 6.5 | The Incredible Hulk X360
Gamers have good reason to be completely jaded from recent "movie" games, but The Incredible Hulk seemed to have a better chance due to its predecessor; Hulk: Ultimate Destruction. While This game lacks many of UD's combination attacks and upgrades, it seems to capture the rage and power of the Hulk all the same.

The graphical advancements over UD are undeniable. The Hulk is a glistening monster and the multiple skins to unlock seem to have some extra attitude behind them. The movie cut-scenes aren't very impressive, but that's to be expected when trying to replicate Hollywood stars. The bosses in this game are a major upgrade to UD and the missions also seem more thought-out and less repetitive.

Destroying the massive buildings feels empowering, and clubbing enemies with cars is a real thrill. This game separates itself from UD by incorporating combinations while holding various objects. You really get the sense of fury when smashing tanks with stone maces and rock-shields.

All in all, this game seems to immerse the player more than Ultimate Destruction, even if some moves were left out. The sound effects are superb and the Hulk's immense strength is exhibited well. People expecting complex move-lists and intricate story-lines probably don't know much about the character in the first place. The Hulk smashes stuff and that's what you do in this game. Enjoy!