Oh my god, not a sad game.

User Rating: 5.8 | The Incredible Crash Dummies: Slick Bouya no Daichousen SNES
Well yeah, it is sad, but we love it because it's Crash Dummies :D

I didn't actually buy this game myself, see my mom's friend has a NES and we traded games for a while, but she said I could keep the game. Bearing in mind, I was about 8 or 9 years old at the time, and my mom's friend, well she was pretty sad anyways.

But yeah, I think I ended up completing the game, which is cool, and I did enjoy playing it, and I'm glad that my mom's friend was sad, as to give me the game.

I can't especially remember much except I liked playing it, and that you could throw spanners, and there were cement things that killed you at some point :P

Sorry if that made no sense at all =)

But yeah, but it if you're bored, or if you get entertained by stupid things.