The House of the Dead:A rail light-gun shooter for the computer.Will it live up to the arcade version?

User Rating: 9 | The House of the Dead PC
The House of the Dead is a game where you try to make it out of a zombie infested house and kill the evil scientist and the zombies,demon dogs,the bosses,zombies with two axes,zombies with a chainsaw,and worse.The game holds up pretty well considering that it was released such a long time ago.You can use the mouse,the keyboard,the joystick,or a light-gun to kill zombies.The game pretty much lives up to it's arcade relative and doesn't seem cheesy.Although some might expect more blood and gore,the game delivers enough,and you can also choose the blood color from red,blue,green,yellow,and purple.Pretty odd huh?With up to nine continues,the game may still be a huge challenge to those new to gaming.Also,continueng is very easy since all you have to do is shoot to keep playing until you run out of continues.