User Rating: 10 | The House of the Dead SAT
I remember first seeing this game in the arcades when I was a little kid. I first read the title: "The House of the Dead". That had got to be the greatest title I've ever seen for any video game. When I first played this game I was a little confused with the gameplay and was pwned by the first zombie. This game was stuck in my head. Then I told my older brother about the game and to my surprise, he played it too! He said it was in another arcade. (The arcade I first played it in was in a movie theatre.) When we went to the arcade, called "Aladdin's Castle", I saw the game and was greeted by the familiar face of the axed zombie on the screen. Then I saw the sequal! I knew this was not a one-game deal! IT WAS A SERIES! The first game is the best, without a doubt. I don't think any game can top it! You hold a gun in your hand, having a powerful feeling, knowing you're ready to blast zombies into bloody chunks! It's so amazing! Light gun games have never been so fun. Hell, this is even better than Time Crisis! Now the arcades were closed down, and the arcade I know is 22 minutes away from my place. That really sucks! I wish the arcades could come back. I have the Saturn version, but the graphics were so DAMN corny!!! Same thing for the PC version! Anyways I just love this game to death and I want to thank SEGA for making this masterpiece. Whoever thinks it sucks, THEY SUCK! Damn them to hell, damn them to oblivion, and damn it to all damnation of mankind! I am a HUGE FAN of the series and I will always love the first. Now, please, SEGA! MAKE NUMBER 5!!!!