A mouse instead of a gun, this version of the arcade classic holds true. Reload your guns, it's time to kill zombies.

User Rating: 7.4 | The House of the Dead PC
This PC adaptation of the arcade classic does justice to the game, even without the luxury of handling guns. It runs very smoothly and gameplay with the mouse is excellent. There's no worrying with movement, like most arcade shooters, just aim, fire and don't forget to reload or you might find yourself chomped. Despite the lack of holding a gun in your hand, the game is still challenging. You can choose some basic options such as life and continues. Regardless of what options you choose, the game is highly addictive and has great replay value giving alternate paths through each level and several modes of play: arcade, classic, and boss. PC mode is just like the arcade version with the exception of character selection. The differences between the characters alters the play experience. If you just want a quick fix, try the boss mode and see how quickly you can blow them to pieces. While progressing through the game, the voice acting is grade-a, fragrant cheese. But in its badness, it adds to the wonderful zombie experience. The graphics are fine for it's age and there's nothing like that wonderful zombie gore as you shoot them to pieces. House of the Dead is a very entertaining and satisfying game that fans of arcade shooters should do well to give this title a shot.