A cool game overall,but a pain in the ass to reach in your pocket repeadetly for your quarters.

User Rating: 9.5 | The House of the Dead ARC
This game is cool and everything,but it's a little annoying to fight the bosses,because they're so damn hard!Now,the graphics in this game aren't perfect,but the zombies are insanely cool,and this game is a great installment for all people,especially for people who just can't get enough of horror games!You start out in a graveyard and see a zombie attacking one of your friends.After killing him,you then talk to him,but be ready to fire at all times,because the people don't talk for long.This game does actually follow a good line of physics,since people fall toward the ground,and not up at all.Another cool thing is that when you shoot at a zombie,there are chunks of flesh missing from where you just fired at.Although,after killing zombies,rancours,and whatnot,you see that their body does dissappear.Um,it is an arcade game released a long time ago,but where the hell do the bodies go anyways?Oh well.One feature in this game that I just hate is whenever you run out of ammo,this annoying voice says repeadetly whenever you fire,reload.I know to reload!It's especially annoying because you have to be firing a lot in this game because there are axes,bats,zombies with chainsaws,zombies that will eat you,and more flying at you like crazy!So,when you're in a tight spot,then it's really annoying because you're not exactly given a lot of bullets in a clip anyways.Overall,I guess this game is worth playing,even though it has a number of flaws.Now,why can't this game be released on the Nintendo DS?