A fine beginning to a great series.

User Rating: 8.5 | The House of the Dead ARC
It is the first light gun I ever played, and it is a promising beginning. You play as an agent who is trying to stop a madman from unleashing an evil force of undead humans and twisted monsters. The game itself is a great beginning, the enemies are made well, and the action will keep your finger on the trigger. The bosses are what breathe life into the game, the monstrous experiments that Curien ( the big bad guy) made are the only things standing in your way besides all those zombies. The bosses are cool, Chariot is a boss with a big staff axe, and Hangedman is the most regonizable boss here because he is the gargoyle your encounter at the beginning. Besides that you will face Giant spiders, ball and chain wielding zombies, and a boss that is infamously hard. All and all, play this game and you wil like it.