An endlessly fun but annoying light gun game.

User Rating: 8.9 | The House of the Dead ARC
The House of the Dead is a great addition to any arcade, or bed room. If you don't like zombies, stop reading now. The game is basically like any other light gun game: Someone gets captured, you have a gun, so why not try to kill something? It features a lot of branching paths that you can choose by shooting something (door or key usually) or saving someone. One thing that makes this game hard, is the fact that you cannot take cover (a la Time Crisis). This means that you have to shoot everything on your screen before it gets close, or have a laugh by shooting a zombies arm off as it swings causing it to miss. Another thing is that you can shoot a zombie in the head and they go down in a number of shots that varies by their toughness, usually 1-3 shots, however if you happen to get a lot of shots in the enemies chest, not only will they not die, they will be blown in half and their legs will still run at you and hurt you. The legs are a hard target to hit once they have parted with the upper body, for one, they can take a good bit of damage before going down, also, they tend to get too close to the bottom of the screen for you to shoot, and one more thing, is that once you destroy a zombies body part (Ex. Upper body, arms) they will run twice as fast as before, this is most common with the obese zombies. Bosses are quite easy, and repeat one attack until their health goes down too far, then they repeat a different strike. With bad graphics even, this game is worth the $10 you will spend trying to beat the game. This will get much easier as you repeat it, I have beat it approximately 167 times, and have all 10 scores at a local sub shop, once you play the game as much as I have, you will be able to beat it on the starting credit. This game is worth the amount for credits or the $1,000 or up you will have to spend to buy a machine.