Super Fun, Super Hard

User Rating: 8 | The House of the Dead PC
The ultimate old-school zombie shooter, House of the Dead (HotD) is one of both the coolest, and hardest shooters ever, and ported to the pc doesn't help as much as you'd think. Basically, the story is that 2 agents try to save some chick from the stereotypical mad scientist, Dr. Curien. After slaying a skeleton knight, gargoyle, and giant spider (of course), you are treated to the most evil thing ever. But I'll get to that in a bit. Basically, the gameplay is simple. You can set it to auto-reload, so you just do nothing but drag the mouse and click to shoot. Of course, that is all you'd need to do. The game is interesting in that you can save ams agents for extra lives, plus different paths throughout the game. You can take the Loooooongg way, or if your good a shorter way, though they all lead to the same place: a boss battle. That in itself is why this game is so annoyingly, impossibely slaughtering-ly hard. The Magician. The final boss of the game, he is like getting a hundred low-blows all at once, because that is about how fast he'll KILL YOU the first time. Oh, mercy. Still, though, this is a cool game. With the release of HotD 2 and 3 for the wii, I doubt you'd have much reason for this, but if HotD 4 is released and they decide to bring a long the original, get it :()