Here's Johnny!

User Rating: 9 | The House of the Dead III PC
Almost a decade ago, light-gun games pretty much died out. The way arcades took a back seat to home consoles is to blame for this. Despite the light gun genre being dead at the time, Sega once again made an excellent iteration in their House of the Dead franchise, House of the Dead III. The game takes place in 2019 - Rogan, the protagonist of the first game, has gone missing and his daughter Lisa and his partner G go to search for him. Some of the changes in this game compared to the previous two are that the main weapon is a shotgun instead of a pistol, and the inclusion of a Cancel Bar that I'll explain later.

Seeing that this game was released in 2003 as an Xbox exclusive before being ported to the PC, the graphics are excellent. The environments are nicely detailed (i.e full of dead people. I jest) and the zombies look good, if having a chunk of your head missing and dragging your feet for brains makes you look good. You can blast out their stomachs or shoot off their heads. If you blow off a zombie's legs, he'll start crawling towards you instead. The camera is also great and lets you get a good aim when the zombies are all over the screen.

And just like the previous House of the Dead games, the gameplay is awesome. Killing zombies never gets old anyway, and there are fast zombies, slow zombies, strong zombies, fat zombies and the iconic axe-wielding Johnny zombie from House of the Dead 2. The bosses are excellent too. Now for the Cancel Bar. In previous House of the Dead games, one hit to the bosses' weak point would cancel their attack. In this game, you have to shoot their weak point repeatedly to fill a Cancel Bar under their health bar, and then you cancel their attack. Boss fights are a lot more challenging and a lot more satisfying.

The music is great; the voice acting is the same as the other House of the Dead games - so bad it's awesome. The dialogue is good too, even though it's hilariously bad in some places.

There are multiple paths to take through the game, and multiple endings. House of the Dead III is an excellent game, and Sega did a great job bringing a dead genre to life again.
As a zombie, maybe.