The House of The Dead III is an entertaining, action-packed shoot em' up that never ceases to impress.

User Rating: 8 | The House of the Dead III PC
The House of The Dead III is a scrolling-shooter which combines fantastic graphics (for its time period) and fast-paced gameplay to produce a monster-blasting arcade classic. Featuring five chapters/levels, challenging bosses and an interesting storyline extension (for fans of the series), HOTD3 is seriously good fun. The game's sound is rather impressive and makes destroying hoards of monsters in haunting scenery an immersive and exciting experience. Personally, you can never port an arcade gun-based classic such as The House of The Dead series and produce the same entertainment, but SEGA have managed to recreate this game very well. On the negative side, a lack of weapon variety, multiplayer support and more a extensive survival mode make it rather quick-snap. True, immersed gamers will complete the game within half an hour on "Normal" difficulty or higher. It's one of those video games that can be picked up in a matter of seconds, as most scrolling shooters entail.

On the whole, The House of The Dead III is a very entertaining release and for those who are fans of fast paced action, immersive 3D environments and technologically adequate features, this game is truly worthy of play.

Andrew Nelson - Game Enthusiast.