One gorefest you will not want to miss out on especially if your a fan of HOTD or lightguns.

User Rating: 8.3 | The House of the Dead III PC
I currently own all of the house of the deads for PC and played 1 probably over 40 hours by now maybe more, learned all the secrets and such blah blah, very fun game. 2 Took it too a new level, it gave it a cool story and event based shooting along with pretty well done graphics.
HOTD 3 is the same way, it gave it an OK story, very good graphics, and put some event shooting in there. I would still say HOTD2 was alot better but if your a huge gore fan and want to up your aiming quite a bit, this one is the best for you. If your looking for one that you'll enjoy on all levels, then i would recommend HOTD2.
I played this game since it came out on arcade and i was amazed, the graphics blew me away and the blood+gore was perfected. If you like blowing zombies heads off and watching stuff explode with blood, then drive to the store and buy this game. (: