this is the only gun arcade game i like to play with a controler as well as the lightgun

User Rating: 8.4 | The House of the Dead III XBOX
house of the dead 3 is a great arcade game ported to the xbox. this is the only shooting arcade port that i acuttaly like to play with a controller. this game is alot of fun and give you house of the dead 2 when you beat it. its very fun and challenging. its alot better in the arcade tho because they give you a pump action shotgun which i find cool. this game is underrated and desrves more credit toward it. the game gives you the dreamcast version of the house of the dead 2 which is good because you get arcade mode and story mode which has more stuff in it. this game feels weird using the lightgun for it sence in the game you have a shotgun and here youre using a uzi looking gun.