Only fun with the gun!

User Rating: 7.1 | The House of the Dead III XBOX
Okay, so house of the dead III is one of few litegun capable games on the Xbox. This game is pretty much a sack of crap unless you own one or more liteguns. Which can actually be pretty tricky to get your hands on. I had to go to a few locations to finally buy one. The gameplay is pretty basic in this game, just start shooting, shoot off the screen to reload. The story in this game is not very well developed, and you can clearly tell that Sega did not put in much time into making this game. The script in this game is pretty much terrible, i'm sure a 5 year old could have written about the same level. In terms of gameplay, it's simple yet can be fun. Through the game you can choose the path you take. Most of the time you are given two options in which direction you want to go. the game doesn't really last that long, about 30 minutes, but once you beat the game, you unlcok house of the dead two. House of the dead 2 also has some of the worst voice overs IN THE WORLD you will laugh yourself to death. Overall, this game offers some pretty fun gameplay, but should never be played with an Xbox controller. It's only fun with the gun.