the house of the dead 3 is an outstanding performance of a brilliant game;)

User Rating: 10 | The House of the Dead III XBOX

+ the somewhat great story ;)

+ design,,textures,,nice uf of colors animations etc;)

+ monsters-- charatcters and so on;)

+awesome design and graphics,,

+great locations and athmosphere;)

+clever dialogs and aswesome chat i think;)

+ barrels,,shotguns,,elavators etc;)

+ nice options

++ voice ,,and sound good enough ,,

++ great level ,,design,,coridors etc;)

++ nice colors,,clever artwork;)

-- not the best camera,,

-- game can feel weak in some ocations,,

-- game can stutter and not all things works well or are smart,

-- some poorly rendered textures,,

--+ nevertheless and awesome game by any means;)


The hero of the Curien mansion incident of 1998, Rogan is also Lisa's
father. Rogan's career after the incident continued to be marked with his
courage and excellent judgement, and he, too, pursued the causes of the
world collapse.